In many of the years Stylebicycle have been involved in various commercials or films, the director is looking for a 'bmx rider' to do something specific.


Quite often this is very vague, its like asking for a dancer and not specifying which style, which then causes complications when a rider turns up to the shoot and the director not getting what he visioned.


Hiring Style Bicycle as a consultant means we listen to what the director is looking to do, we can discuss whats possible, whats the right location and what style of rider would be best suited.


Style Bicycle Agency


Our team conists of the current top proffesional riders in the U.K and Europe, who can be used for any kind of filming ,media or event. Our team has the full range of all the different BMX disciplines, and can supply photos before hand if the client is wanting a certain 'look'. Its important to note, we only have the top current pro bmx riders on our team, quite often agencies will say that to a client.

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